ELIX is a leading Spanish investment management group focused on value-added residential assets in tier-1 metropolitan areas.

Founded by Jorge Benjumeda and Jaime Lacasa in 2003, ELIX has evolved to become a fully integrated service platform providing unparalleled sourcing, construction and property management services.

In 2017 ELIX acquired FHAUS, a prop-tech company lead by Carlos Infantes, to create a state-of-the-art investment managing tool known as ELIX.OS.

In 2018 ELIX launched a REIT together with KKR and Altamar to develop rental properties in Madrid and Barcelona. Currently, the program is reaching its full deployment.

In 2019 ELIX.OS established a research and development anchor point in California.

"ELIX is a People with lots of real estate knowledge that love tech type of company"

People, Knowledge & Tech

We believe in People, and in their potential to grow beyond any limitations, to learn and to innovate in order to make a relevant difference for themselves and for the world.

We are committed to Knowledge and to nurturing processes and data as the very core of our business.

We love tech and every great thing you can do with it.


Over the past 16 years we have been steadily growing and sophisticating our operations, gathering a network of top reliable collaborators for the different fields of the industry and transforming our processes and culture. from a traditional developer approach to a state-of-the-art investment management provider.

In the last 5 years we have been busy doing some of this

300€M in acquisition

100€M in capex

1,300entities managed

What we do

Investment Management


We are proud of having built during the years an experienced and reputed Purchasing team with an extended trusted professional network that allows us to reach outstanding opportunities.


Based on our experience we have developed a sophisticated Due Diligence and business modeling to significantly reduce both industrial and administrative risk while providing comprehensive relevant decision-making information.


Our in-house dedicated financing team benefits from strong track-record and long-term relationships with financing institutions to provide expert financial solutions tailored to meet the needs of our different assets, vehicles, and investors.


Focused on improving performance, our Asset Management team has developed an aggressive discipline of determining operational and commercial criteria and monitoring progress in investment terms.

Design & Construction Management


Our Design team is responsible for aligning the product to the Business Plan and coordinates an extended network of reliable architects and engineers to ensure success in obtaining the optimal license in the shortest period of time possible.


We have an experienced team coordinating the bidding process, including in-house quality control of the design, specs and quantity surveying, and providing cost-benefit sensitivity analysis to ensure the best possible construction contract for every asset.


During construction, our team monitors production to ensure we meet quality, budget and schedule targets, controls risks and coordinates invoicing and payments. Approves final reception of works and manages user's claims.

Property Management


We have an experienced team of account managers that are in total control of our assets since the first day, working closely with the development teams to ensure we achieve its best potential while managing operation expenses and administrative requirements.


Our team has an outstanding track record both on commercialization and tenant management, and is constantly upgrading its technological infrastructure to help coordinate an array of service providers to achieve the best possible performance and providing an effective relevant reporting.


Through our experience as a vertically integrated industrial group and based on our market and industry knowledge, we are able to bring to the table a full range of potential performance increase for the assets that we manage.

Management Team

  • Jorge Benjumeda

    Founding Partner, CIO & AM

    Passionate about buildings and people, with a legendary memory and unparalleled knowledge of the market and the industry. As CIO he exerts total control over our investment strategy and asset management.

    Prior to founding ELIX he had an extensive international career, first as trade advisor at the Chambre de Commerce de Bordeaux, then at the Spanish Commercial Office in Riyadh, as well as International Sales Manager for The Newark Group.

    He has an Economics and Business Administration degree from the Universidad de Sevilla and an MBA from IESE.

  • Carlos Infantes

    Partner, CEO & CTO

    Visionary, hardcore entrepreneur, creative technophile and crazy about meaningful data. As CTO he is in charge of developing the ELIX.OS platform. Since last June he has assumed the responsibility of taking the group to the level.

    Prior to joining ELIX he founded FHAUS, a prop-tech initiative that became the seed of ELIX.OS. Previously he founded OPR/OPERA, an architectural company specialized in large scale complex projects with offices in Barcelona, Lisbon, Hong Kong and Luanda.

    He holds a M.Arch from the University of Seville and an Executive MBA from EAE.

  • Jaime Lacasa

    Founding Partner & CSO

    Enthusiast dreamer and cautious planner, he is constantly designing strategies and building opportunities. As CSO he is responsible for the development of new investment vehícles and institutional relations.

    Prior to founding ELIX he developed his career as a senior consultant in strategy consulting in Spain, Brazil and Puerto Rico for Grupo Telefónica. Previously he held a position as a consultant for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá.

    He is a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer from Strathclyde University and Universidad de Oviedo and an holds an MBA from IESE.

  • Fernando De Diego


    Versatile, resolutive, hands-on leader with a strong sense of duty. As COO he leads the group's operations while implementing relevant structural and cultural changes.

    Prior to joining ELIX he was the General Director of the Refurbishment Division and later Director of Business Development in ACR Group. Previously he directed various nationwide real estate residential and tertiary business units.

    He holds a Master's degree in Building Engineering from the University of Madrid, and Executive MBA from UPC and a PGD from IESE.

  • Neus Giné


    Client-focused, reliable perfectionist, committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. As CFO she is in charge of overseeing the financial development of the investment vehicles and the group, as well as manging the relation with the regulators.

    Prior to joining ELIX she was the Lead Financial Officer Manager for the Spanish division of American Express. Previously she held a wide range of financial positions for various international corporations.

    She has an Economics and Business Administration degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and an MBA in Finance and Strategy by Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

  • Enrique Katsinis


    Passionate about challenges, determined and resourceful optimist. As CCO he leads the group's commercial efforts as well as the Property Management division.

    Prior to joining Elix he has had 24 years of experience in the real estate sector in UK and Spain, among others companies, in Grupo Ferran, as Managing Director, and previously in Regus as Regional Sales Manager.

    He has an MA in International Relations from the Westminster University, Master in Marketing from EADA and a Master in Logistics and International Commerce from Abat Oliva.

  • Gabriela Murtra

    General Counsel

    Passionate, detail-oriented, committed, with a strong sense of responsibility. As the General Counsel she manages our in-house legal team, coordinates outside expert counsels and oversees compliance procedures.

    Prior to joining ELIX she specialized as legal advisor for various real estate developers in Barcelona, having initially worked for Cuatrecasas legal firm.

    She has a Law degree from the University of Abat Oliba CEU and Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate and Urban Planning law from the University of Pompeu Fabra.

  • Alvaro Guillén

    Acquisition Director

    Enthusiast of his work and of the social interactions that come with it. He can be both fun and profound, with a critical and lucid mind and a clear sense for opportunities. As Acquisition Director he leads a reliable team that continuously delivers according to the investment strategy established by the CIO.

    Prior to joining ELIX he was the Acquisition Director of Restaura. Previously he had an extensive career as part of the acquisition teams of various real estate developers.

    He has an Economic and Business Administration degree from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a Master in Analysis and RE Management from ICADE.

  • Lorena Prieto

    Asset Manager

    Creative, thoughtful and committed. She is a curious explorer and passionately involved in design and fashion. As Asset Manager she closely oversees the development of the projects and reports directly to investors.

    Prior to joining ELIX she worked in big-scale and complex projects for various prestigious architectural firms, such as SOM, Foster and Bofill, in London, Madrid and Barcelona.

    She holds a Master of Architecture from University of Madrid and an MD in building refurbishment from UPM.




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